Our Services

Our services are bringing the truth to the knowledge of our clients, helping them to understand the truth and encouraging and motivating them to do what the truth said and then they will have good success (John 8:32). 

Marriage Counselling

God has a plan on how your marriage will become better than what it is now.

We Preach The Word Of Grace

The word of God has the capacity to liberate, transform and equip men  to fulfill their destiny

Life Development Consultants

Life runs on divine principle. We will help you discover them and show you how apply them.

We Make Disciples Of Jesus Christ

Jesus assignment for us and the  church is to win souls and make them his disciples

We Do Public Speaking

The bible is our main source of information because it contains answers to life issues. 

Raising Effective Ministers For Christ

For you must teach others those things you and many others have heard me speak about..2 Timothy 2:2

Our Recent Blog Post.


Jesus Kind Of Marriage

Jesus kind Marriage is all about how to use divine principles to make your marriage.

The major problem in many marriages is the misconception of what marriage is. Marriage is not manmade; it is God’s made. Therefore it is the maker of marriage that knows its meaning, intention, and purpose.



This book is about the 21 habits that are needed to be developed and put into use by couples who desire to have a good and lasting marriage relationship. These 21 habits that are covered in this book are simple but fundamental; they are easy to learn and master by a consistent learning and constant application.            

The degree of your liberation is directly dependent on your depth of knowledge. Whatever a man doesn’t know is bigger than him and remains a mystery. You must seek to acquire knowledge of the truth if you must break away from mediocrity and manipulations prevalent in the days we live in.


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