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We have started the journey of understanding the meaning, intention, and purpose of marriage. No marriage will be successful without this understanding. It is the thing you need to have if you want to make your marriage continuously better.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the actions and attitudes that will help you to understand what God wants you to know about marriage. Remember that attitude is the key; therefore, you need to know some right attitudes and actions that will open you to what marriage is all about.


Some actions and attitudes that will help you understand the meaning, intention, and purpose of marriage


and the man exclaimed, “Here is someone like me! She is part of my body, my own flesh, and bones. She came from me, a man. So I will name her Woman!” Genesis2:23 (CEV).

And Adam said, this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man. Genesis2:23 (KJV).

This particular verse is loaded with revelations and the understanding of it will go a long way in putting your marriage into God’s plan and purpose. In this verse, I discovered four actions and attitudes that will help you to understand the meaning, intention, and purpose of God about your marriage. They are.

  • Excitement
  • Acknowledgment
  • What you call your spouse
  • Oneness mentality


How do you react to God and the works of his hand? Your spouse is the handwork of God. Your spouse is created and made in the image and likeness of God. If this is the truth of which I know it is, then how excited are you about your spouse?

The moment Adam set his eyes on Eve, he was very excited. Eve was excited too because it takes two to tangle. Does the presence of your spouse excites you or irritates you?

Don’t be taken aback by this question because I have seen spouses that got irritated by the mere presence of their spouse. Some cannot be proud to introduce their wives to their business associates. So also some women cannot be proud to talk about their husbands before their friends.

How proud are you about your spouse? If you are not proud or excited about your spouse, there is no way you will understand the meaning, intention, and purpose of marriage.

How easy do you think it will be for one to excel in a course or subject that he has no interest or passion about? In the same manner, it will not be easy for a man to understand his wife or for a wife to understand her husband without passion.



The bible told us that we are going to become better Christians if we develop the habit of acknowledging the goodness of God around us including our spouse (See Philemon 1:6).

How pathetic it is where you have a husband and wife living together who have not appreciated each other for weeks. This is not good at all. If you are not willing and ready to appreciate the good (Gods deposit of goodness) that is in your spouse, you are very likely to miss out the abundance of God’s treasure that is in your spouse and you will also fail to understand the meaning intention and purpose of God about marriage.

Adam acknowledges the goodness of God in Eve. Acknowledging the goodness of God is one of the ways that pop up your faith and make it operational, effective and effectual.

Never you consider whether there is any goodness in your spouse. Of course, there is because there is no man or woman created by God who does not have the deposit of godliness in him or her.

This attitude of acknowledgment with its corresponding action will help to get your mindset right to believe that something good is in your spouse. Remember, that as a man thinks so he is.

So if you through acknowledgment programs your mind to a point to believe that there is godliness in your spouse, then you will begin to see those good and great deposits that are in your spouse.

The more you continue in this, the more you understand the meaning, intention, and purpose of marriage and the better your marriage will continue to be.


What do you call your spouse?

Adam called his wife a woman because she is part of her. The name you call your spouse matters so much; Sometimes it is a reflection of the strength of the bonding that is between the spouse,

It is not what you call your spouse that matters most but what you see in your spouse before you gave him or her that name. Adam saw himself inside Eve. He saw his bone and flesh standing before him. He saw himself inside a person he has never seen before (think about this).

Adam’s point of view is pretty simple. To him, if Eve comes from God, she must be good. That was Adams’ belief. And I believe that it is possible that spouses must know and believe that God created their spouse. This attitude will improve your behavior toward your spouse. The devil never created anybody; therefore every human being is a product of God and has God’s goodness in him/her.


The power of oneness.

“…. and they shall be one flesh.

The mystery of marriage is that marriage is one individual living as two individuals. Many people have not come to this point of knowing that a man and a woman in marriage are one.


I am going to take a deeper look at this in my next post. The reason is that the understanding of this truth alone will give you a very wonderful success in your marriage relationship.

The power of oneness is all about the mysterious bounding power of marriage. How can coming together of two people produce only one person? Where did this oneness take place? How did it take place and how are we going to benefit from It. These questions will be answered on that post.


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